Tuesday, 20 September 2016

How Petrol Truck Caught Fire At Abattoir

Around 1 am today, a commercial bus was turning at the front of Abattoir in Agege, Lagos, when a full load of petrol truck come with speed inward Abule-Egba. The truck lost control, fell and burst into fire.

The RRS personnel attached to the area were able to rescue one person trapped in the fire. It took the intervention of the Lagos State Fire Service to put off the fire around 4 am. The truck, goods (like tomatoes, etc) belonging to some market women, and Police cap belonging to one of the RRS personnel who rescued a person trapped in the fire got burnt.

It is important to ensure that truck drivers obey traffic rules and regulations; drive carefully and not recklessly. If not for the quick intervention of the police and fire-fighters, life would have been lost and more properties would have been destroyed.

In fact, the situation would have been worse if it happened during the day when traffic around the area is high. But, no life was lost.

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